Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Highway of Life

                A little while ago, my husband and I volunteered to chaperone a weekend trip with my church’s youth group. A trailer, with a giant smiley face painted on its back and sides, hitched to the lead car held most of the kids gear. A number of cars carrying leaders and kids followed. The caravan of us driving toward the Canadian border was quite the sight.
                My place in line was a number of cars back. It was not difficult to keep an eye on and follow the car ahead on the sparsely populated back roads. The highway was another story. I kept a sharp eye on the same car I’d been tailing from the beginning. When it passed, so did I. Wherever it went I followed like a baby duck follows its mother.
                For some reason, I decided to look up beyond all the cars ahead, in search of the smiley face. It was gone. I panicked, wondering how I got lost following the same car from the beginning. My husband didn’t know where it was either. He was just along for the ride – trusting me.
                I stole out past the car in front and gunned it, in search of the smiley face. Relief washed over me when my husband spotted it. Once it was in my sights, regardless of how many cars back, it stayed. There was no swaying me. I wouldn’t follow anything but the smiley face for the rest of the trip.
                 A few times, larger vehicles blocked the smiley face from view. Those moments made me nervous despite the fact that I knew it was still there. I kept an eye on the left as my husband kept an eye on the right, just to ensure it didn’t slip out into another lane without our knowledge. Relief washed over me each time the smiley face reappeared.
                During that trip, it occurred to me. My experience is much like our walk with Christ. When we take our eye off Him and follow others, even if we think they’re following Him and will help us stay on the right path, we get lost. Nor should you sit in the passenger seat, trusting you’ll get where you need to be without remaining vigilant. And if you do get lost, ask for help - others can help you find your way again. There is strength in numbers.
Keep your eyes on Him, always, especially when the highway of life gets congested.
His servant,
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