Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Rainbows End

We are forever searching for the end of the rainbow in hopes of finding the elusive pot of gold. The irony is – a rainbow has no end. So we search in vain. Always seeking – never finding.
Many adults tell themselves things like this: “Once I’m married, I’ll be happy.”, “When I get a new car, I’ll be happy.”, “When I get a promotion, I’ll be happy.” or “Once we have a baby, we’ll be happy.”
Many teens tell themselves things like this: “When I get those designer jeans, I’ll be happy.”, “Once I get my license, I’ll be happy.”, “Once I have a boyfriend, I’ll be happy.” or “When I get out of this house, I’ll be happy.”
Notice the trend? We lie to ourselves. It doesn’t matter what thing you’re waiting for to find joy. Once you have it, you’ll be looking for the next thing. Why? Because the happiness these things bring is fleeting – temporary.
Let’s stop searching for that which does not exist – the end of the rainbow. Let’s take the “l” out of “gold” and capitalize the “g.” Let’s begin searching for God – only He can deliver the joy we seek.
His servant,
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