Monday, June 25, 2012

Breaking the Law

This morning I was driving along, following the car ahead of me, not paying attention to the speed limit when I looked in my rearview mirror to find a police car following me. My immediate reaction was to ease my foot off the gas pedal then look at my speedometer. I was going ten miles per hour over the speed limit. Oops!
Fortunately, the officer didn’t pull me over. But he followed me for quite a while. I was a picture of the world’s best driver after that, following the speed limit to a tee. I’m not going to lie – it was stressful. I had to remain vigilant, something I was not accustomed to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a habitual speed limit offender (anymore). But, I have been driving for many, many years. It’s become quite automatic and I’ve developed a bad habit of not paying close enough attention to the speed limits. I may fall in behind someone else and allow them to dictate the speed whether it’s within the limits or not or, if left on my own, find myself going too fast because it’s all too comfortable.
Do we do this as Christian’s? Do we fall in behind others to find that we’ve strayed from our path allowing things into our lives that we shouldn’t? Or do we do it of our own accord when we fail to pay close enough attention? What if we were constantly aware of the presence of God behind us? Would we be more careful to follow the rules?
By the way – He is always there, watching us. Just sayin’
I’m not trying to be overly legalistic. But, the rules God has given us are for our own good. There is a reason for each one and we should be intentional in following them. Imagine God behind you, keeping tabs on you. The more you follow His rules, the easier it becomes and the less likely you’ll be caught breaking the law when you look in your rearview and find Him right behind you.
His servant,
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