Friday, June 8, 2012

Tear Down the Walls

There was a time when I wanted nothing to do with God. At times, I felt Him tugging on my heart. He placed people in my life to bring me to Him. But I resisted. I constructed walls to divide us.
Wall #1 – I wanted to live for myself.
                I knew some of the Bible. I knew some of the rules. I didn’t want to live by them. I wanted to have fun, to live for the here and now - for me.
                Tear it down: Living for yourself leaves you empty, hollow, constantly searching for something to fill the void. Ultimately, it leads to death.
Wall #2 – I wanted control.
                I was strong. I could do it all… blindfolded, with one hand tied behind my back. I could raise a child, finish my college education, take care of the home, bring home a paycheck, etc. etc. etc. - Blah. Blah. Blah.
                Tear it down: Don’t mistake dependence for weakness. Quite the contrary - it takes strength. And if you think you’re in control…think again. Once you’re comfortable, God will throw you a curveball. He’s in control. His will prevails whether you’re with Him or against Him. Would you rather be in His good grace, working with Him or beaten up, haggard and tired from fighting for the wheel?
Wall #3 – I thought religious people were sheep.
                I didn't think Christians thought for themselves. I thought they blindly followed others. I was too smart for that.
Tear it down: There are people out there who haven’t researched their faith (just as many haven’t researched their unbelief). But many have. In fact, there are people who set out to dispel the “myth” only to become Christians themselves after discovering the evidence for rather than against Christianity. Take reporter Lee Strobel for instance. He set out on a two year investigation to convince his wife her newfound faith was unfounded only to become a believer himself. The result: he wrote “The Case for Christ” which has led to the salvation of countless people, including my husband.
Wall #4 – I thought Christians were hypocrites.
                I've witnessed Christians behave in ways that fly in the face of their teachings.
Tear it down: If you hear a Christian say they’re perfect, go ahead - call him a hypocrite. Real Christians don’t say that. They know they often fall short. But they keep trying.
Someone once told me the major difference between people in church and those outside is that those inside know they need help. The church is like a hospital where sick people get well. We’re all human, we’re all flawed and we all make mistakes. But is that a reason to stop trying? True believers with the Holy Spirit within will forever walk the road to perfection, to Christ-likeness, until they’re reunited wholly with their creator in Heaven.
Wall #5 – Religion destroyed my family.
Before I was a year old, my mother joined a religious cult. So I was raised without a mother. I learned that people do stupid things and cause destruction…even in the name of God. Because of this early lesson, I didn’t trust the church. I didn’t trust people.
Tear it down: I've learned to place my trust in God. I love people, despite their inevitable flaws. I seek wise Godly counsel, then ensure it jives with God’s word. I pray for wisdom and discernment. I seek God’s will. I do my best and often fall short. Sometimes very… very short. But I pick myself up and try again.
Look into your heart. What walls have you constructed between yourself and your Creator who loves you? Tear them down. Ask Him to help you. Get out the sledgehammer and let the demolition begin…
His servant,
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  1. Amen sister! Paul said we die daily in our sins. We will never be perfect on this side of the divide, but we keep striving. Your relationship with the Lord is between you and Him, and I think you've set a very good example of not letting the world's views intrude on that. AMEN!

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! That means a lot coming from my new fearless leader. :)

  2. Wonderful article. Sooooo on point.

    I agree w/Bonnie. Amen sister.

    PS...I thought Bonnie was perfect??? You mean to tell me Bonnie's not perfect??? I'm shattered. :) :)

    1. Thank you, Nike!

      haha... Perhaps she's just so close to perfect it's hard to tell the difference. :)