Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Body of Christ

Many of you know I’m in the process of editing my manuscript. It has been an amazing experience—a long journey with many influences.
First, the concept of my novel changed entirely the moment I dedicated my life, and my work, to God. When it began as a secular novel, I had difficulty writing it at all. Once I returned to Christ half-heartedly, it came in bits and spurts. Later, when I dedicated myself entirely, it flowed. Conclusion—my first influence was Christ.
                More influencers:
My husband - As I wrote, I bounced many ideas off him. He played a significant role in helping me sort out the scenes in my mind. Praying together motivated me.
My daughter – Her over-active imagination sparked many ideas. Her patience with my time spent at the computer is a Godsend.
My Pastor – He helps me ensure I don’t misrepresent God in any way and offers prayer. I still bask in the glow of his fabulous feedback. Plus, his captivating way of speaking influenced one of my characters—the storyteller.
My Pastor’s wife – She sent me a message when she got to chapter four to tell me she was hooked. What an encouragement!
My neice’s piano teacher – I happened upon a fellow aspiring Christian novelist. She steered me toward ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), encouraging me to join the critique group. She continues to work with me, pointing me toward many blogs and articles to help me grow as a writer.
ACFW - I have made fabulous connections with people who know the industry. They are a wealth of information—always ready to lend a helping hand, or prayer.
My critique group – They play a significant role in shaping me as a writer. My manuscript is much improved and getting better every day. The privilege of critiquing their novels has strengthened my skills as well.

My church - Many members of my church family are interested in my book. They continually encourage me.
As I thought about all the people in my life who have helped me get to this point, it occurred to me. Many minds have touched this manuscript and continue to do so. From the moment I dedicated my work to Christ, I knew He was the primary influencer. But here’s today’s epiphany—He is in all who have helped me. Not only is Christ working directly in me, He’s helping me through all He placed around me.
Together, we are the body of Christ. Today, this has a whole new meaning to me and I am eternally grateful. Thank you all.
 Am I the only one with goose bumps?
His servant,

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  1. Excited to see God work through you, Jenn!
    What a good reminder that God orchestrates it all--start to finish--and that often He uses others to help sharpen, aid, and inspire! We're in this together!

    He really will work things according to His good will and pleasure, and in His own time. Things I must constantly remind myself!