Saturday, October 27, 2012

Book Review: Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider by Ellen C. Maze

Beth Rider has written a story. Unbeknownst to her, the novel is having a profound impact on an old race of beings known as the Rakum. Some are reading her book and being transformed by it, others who want to preserve their evil ways, want her destroyed. So, when Beth is marked as a rabbit to be hunted and killed by the Rakum, their order is thrown into a tizzy.
The Rakum who don’t wish to change … and those human beings who want the power and seeming immortality that they possess, parallels humanity and those who choose to ignore Christ’s teachings and continue in their sinful ways. Rabbit offers amazing insight into this mentality and the awesome redemptive power of Christ.
WARNING: This is not a book for those with a weak stomach. Rabbit contains disturbing scenes. However, recovered Anne Rice addicts and those who’d like to put blood thirsty creatures back where they belong—to be destroyed or, in Beth Rider’s case, redeemed—Rabbit might be just what you’ve hunted for.
His servant,
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Owner/Founder of The Author's Mentor

Editorial Director, Little Roni Publishers

Bestselling Novelist, Thrillers/Paranormal/Vampire

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Confessions of a Prayer Addict

I’m not gonna lie. The reason I began praying heavily is because I was so afraid of returning to the world Jesus saved me from. I never want to go back there—ever.
I continually fight to avoid sliding backward, like a fish swimming upstream, by being intentional about reading the Bible every day, praying and seeking Godly people to spend time with. But, over the years, I’ve found it’s no longer a struggle. I still have to be intentional, particularly when it comes to reading the Bible when my days are so busy. But my prayer has increased to the point that I don’t even realize I’m doing it at times. It’s a habit.
Does excessive prayer seem ridiculous to you? Well … tell me if you think this is a bit much. I pray in the morning with my husband before he goes to work, before my morning Bible study, with my daughter before our devotions when we start the school day, before each meal, with my daughter before she goes to bed at night and again with my husband after reading our devotions at bedtime. Those are just the regularly scheduled prayers. Don’t get me started on what it’s like when I’m at church. Splatter that with random prayers continuously throughout the day, and you get a taste of my prayer life.

There are many reasons why I feel so strongly about prayer:
  • Prayer keeps me close to God. Do you have relatives or friends who live far away? Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to stay close if you don’t make an effort to pick up the phone regularly? The next thing you know, they’re all but gone from your mind and the next time you see them, you’re amazed at all you have to catch up on. God is first and foremost on my mind the majority of the day because I’m constantly in communication with Him.
  • Prayer keeps me close to my family. When you pray regularly with someone, you get a taste of what is truly in their heart. It gives you new appreciation for them and strengthens the bonds.
  • It is difficult to be angry with people you pray for. When I’m hurt, I pray for the person who caused the damage and ask God to help me forgive him or her. Or, if I have already forgiven, I tell Him. It’s amazing how quickly anger fizzles away when confessed and, eventually, forgiven.
  • When I’m frustrated and don’t know how to respond to a certain situation, nothing helps like a quick, “God help me. I don’t know what to do.” Even if He doesn’t give me the answer right away, acknowledging my shortcomings and knowing He is there helps me simmer down. Plus, it has the added benefit of staving off a potentially unhealthy immediate reaction.
  • Prayer helps me love others … even people I don’t know. There’s something about talking to God on someone else’s behalf that makes me more invested in their well being. I find that I actually care … not bad for someone who, at one point in time, thought all of humanity was a plague upon the earth and should be annihilated.

Those are just a few reasons to pray. If given enough time, I'm sure I could come up with many more. What reasons can you come up with?
God doesn’t always answer my prayers, but He hears them. When I do receive a response, it’s typically in ways I wouldn’t expect. Sometimes the answer is no. That’s okay. I am close to my Father. That is all I need. I will continue to talk to him without ceasing. How about you?
His servant,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blog Tour: Devil’s Hit List by Frank Creed

In my effort to help promote Christian speculative fiction authors and their works, I’m participating in award winning novelist Frank Creed’s Blog Tour for his most recent book, Devil’s Hit List: Book Three of THE UNDERGROUND. If you haven't already, be sure to check out book one, Flashpoint and book two, War of Attrition.

Devil's Hit List blurb:

The One State has contracted the Ash Corporation to produce virtual-e, a brainwave technology chip so highly addictive that it’s eventually fatal.

The chip is used in the hottest new entertainment product that will hook any who experience it.

Calamity Kid and his crew fight the production of virtual-e and get backing from the Body of Christ to run an operation to keep the chip from being marketed in North America.

But how far can the underground heroes get when the global government and a megacorporation work together?

Blog Tour - Excerpt 11:

Sure enough, about ten minutes later, some kind soul pulled out of traffic and curbed just ahead of us. We jogged up to the late model Chevy passenger van. The driver had opened the sliding door and turned down an oldies station. “Everyone hop in the back, I’ve got stuff up front here on the seat.”
“Sure thing,” said e-girl. “Thanks for stopping.”
The stranger waved a hand. “No problem. I’ve been stuck out in the rain myself before. You’re lucky I came along. Did you all have a bus break down or something?” He merged back into traffic.
e-girl looked to me, eyes crinkled with stress.
“Kind of. The guy who was driving us decided he just couldn’t finish the trip.”
“Well that stinks. Where are you headed?”
I answered quickly. “Just up to the next checkpoint.” Even with our changeable ID chips, e-girl had to be up front touching the console in order to hack pre-filed travel plans with the Illinois Department of Transportation. It would, however, be simple to make the crossing as individual pedestrians.
“You from around here?” This guy asked too many questions.
“Up in the city. Just off the lakefront,” I said.
The driver whistled. “Nice. Uptown, eh? High rent district. You can call me Bob.”
“Well thank you,” said e-girl, “for stopping and picking us up.”
“Are you from Chicago, Bob?” asked Legacy.
“Yep, born and raised,” He turned up the stereo. “I love this song!”
Bob’s karaoke accompaniment to Kid Rock’s Jackson, Mississippi put an end to any possible conversation. Things about Bob did not sit right with me, and I shifted on my seat to get a look at the belongings he had up in the front. One thing struck me right away, and I even zoomed in my vision to get a good look at it. I had to act, and hoped my fear wasn’t getting the better of me, but waited until the song was finished.
The radio station went to commercial, a fact for which I offered up a prayer of thanks, and Bob turned the volume back down.
“What model year is this van?”
“Looks like it’s loaded too. You got cruise control?”
He took his hands off the wheel. “I’m using it right now.”
“Good. It won’t matter…” I touched his neck with my left shock glove and discharged it. “…that I have to do this to ya. Sorry, buddy.”
Everyone looked at me with astonishment widening their eyes. e-girl’s mouth worked but no sound came out.
“Look at the security ID clipped to his dash. He’s an Ash employee. Call me silly, but I don’t feel good about him driving us to the checkpoint.
“Why do I feel like a giant net is about to drop on us?” asked Barren.

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Book Review: Prophet by R. J. Larson

            Prophet immediately pulled me into a unique yet familiar world. From references to Samuel and the foretold death of the Priest’s sons to the basic concept of a prophet, I found myself thrown into the Old Testament in a refreshing and fun way. Between the non-stop action, a beautifully detailed world full of strange creatures, humor, and a love interest, this story is never dull.

               Ela of Parne, the prophet, also gave me a new appreciation for those who attempt to spread God’s word only to be scorned, sneered at, jailed or worse …. All the while, she desperately wishes to save every single person from a torturous eternity separated from the Infinite, no matter how badly they treat her. She is a wonderful example of how we should treat others as Christians.
And I can’t forget my favorite: the Destroyers. These are not typical horses. From the moment the Infinite commanded Ela to tell a destroyer to be still in “My Holy Name”, she found herself with an unusual pet.
                If you’re looking for a fun, clean adventure … let Ela of Parne guide you.
His servant,

Check out this website for more on R. J. Larson's books:

Christian Fantasy

               How many Christian fantasy authors are there? How many Christian fantasy books are published? Any clue? If you’re like me before I sought them out, you aren’t familiar with many. How sad.
Christian books are a tiny segment of the publishing industry. Within that small group, fantasy is seems to be on the bottom of the totem pole. The secular world doesn’t want to read them because they’re Christian and Christians don’t want to read them because they’re fantasy. No wonder most of us aren’t aware of these authors—or their books.
A while ago, I began a search for Christian fantasy authors. I had written a young adult Christian fantasy and wanted to find others like me. That required some serious digging. But guess what … they exist! You’re unlikely to find their works in a bookstore, but many are available online.
It’s a tragedy that these books aren’t readily available in bookstores. But, now that I’ve found that these books do exist, I have made it my mission to seek, read and review Christian secular fiction … one book at a time. I will begin posting these reviews on my blog. Sadly, I’m a slow reader, so they won’t occur too often. But here’s my current list:
Prophet by R. J. Larson
Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider by Ellen C. Maze
The Captives by Precarious Yates
The Story in the Stars by Yvonne Anderson
Reality’s Dawn by R. L. Copple
The Duke’s Handmaid by Caprice Hokstad
Anyone care to read along with me? Or, if you know of any good Christian fantasies you would like me to add it to my list to review, comment here or contact me. 
Happy reading!
His servant,