Wednesday, February 20, 2013

God Speaks

Do you ever wish God would talk to you? Do you want him to come out and tell you, audibly, what He wants you to do with your life? I know I have.
Recently, someone told me that when you pray to God, you’re speaking to Him. But, when you read His Word, He’s speaking to you. As I writer, that makes perfect sense and I have to wonder why I didn’t see that before. I know there are certain messages I want the reader to pick up on in my writing. Wouldn’t God do the same? After all, His is not a work of fiction. He comes out and quite plainly tells us how to live our lives … if only we would take time to listen.
Next time you’re wishing God would talk to you, curl up with the Bible and listen. He will.
His servant,


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    1. Thanks, Amanda! Now I just have to find a way to keep reminding myself of this. :)