Friday, March 28, 2014

Book Reviews: Judge and King by RJ Larson

Yet again R J Larson pulls me back into the otherworldly Old Testament with my favorite creatures—destroyers. This time Ela’s love interest, Kien Lantec, bears a striking resemblance to Jonah. He, too, is called to warn people of their trespasses against the Infinite and fails to obey. But Kien’s experience in the beast’s belly is much more detailed and gruesome.
Meanwhile, Ela has a mission of her own and it involves her family, her home. Nothing will stop her from following the Infinite’s will. She will sacrifice everything, her chance at love and even her life. But despite her obedience, she struggles with the fact that all prophets die young and she can never marry Kien.
Like Prophet, Judge is a fun, clean adventure. A satisfying continuation leading to my favorite—King.

King takes R J Larson’s supernatural Old Testament to new depths. The king, Akabe Garric, attempts to rebuild the Infinite’s temple. To purchase the land, he marries Caitria, an Atea-worshiper.
But Ela and Kien are still a major part of the story. Caitria and Ela end up in an Esther-like situation. Through this experience, being separated by their husbands, the women form a friendship and Caitria starts opening up to the possibility that the Infinite might be for real.
Take the destroyers, the Old Testament stories brought to life in an unusual way, and Kien and Ela’s romance then add another dynamic entirely, Akabe and Caitria. Their interactions with each other and between the two women adds a whole new level of complexity to King, making it my personal favorite in the series with a nice, satisfying conclusion.
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R. J. Larson is the acclaimed author of Prophet and Judge as well as numerous devotionals featured in publications such as Women's Devotional Bible and Seasons of a Woman's Heart. R. J. Also writes Biblical fiction as Kacy Barnett-Gramckow. She and her husband live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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