Wednesday, March 26, 2014

God's Not Dead

How true this statement is! God’s handiwork is even seen in the process it took for my church to see this movie.
God’s Not Dead wasn’t even supposed to play in our local theater. One of the larger churches asked our theater to show it. To do so, they had to guarantee a minimum of 400 ticket sales. So the church purchased the tickets.
Along comes my church. The time we chose to go as a group was playing in a theater with 78 seats. We bought all the seats and needed more. So they bumped the movie into a bigger theater. Then they bumped it up again. At this point, we had 175 tickets. But the demand within our body to see this movie required more. The theater approved our opening another showing but we had to purchase all 78 seats. We did. We had 253 tickets and every single one was accounted for.
When we arrived at the theater, we saw they added an additional showing at a later time. Originally it was only supposed to show for the weekend (Fri-Sun). Now they’ve extended it until Thursday. All this from a movie the theater hadn’t advertised at all. In fact, if you went to their website to see what was playing, you wouldn’t find it. You had to know what you were looking for and search for the closest theater with tickets.
God’s Not Dead brought in 8.6 million though it only opened in 780 theaters! Now try to tell me God is dead …
If you’re not familiar with the movie, check out the trailer and find it near you while it’s still in theaters.

For those of you who’d like a quick review … God’s Not Dead is primarily about a freshman in college who can’t bring himself to denounce his God or run from the opposition. But it’s much more than that. God is alive! He’s working in us and through us to affect much more than we could possibly imagine.

I’d suggest small children stay home as I imagine they’d find it boring, but there was a boy who may have been as young as 5 years old the first time I went who seemed to handle it pretty well. He clapped along with the music at the end and seemed to enjoy himself, so use your discretion. You know your children. My sensitive 13 year old was bothered by one scene, but she still loved the movie. Other than that, I’ve heard nothing but wonderful feedback. And it has sparked so much great conversation. So get out there if you can. Show the world God’s not dead!
                                             His servant,

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