Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kayndo by Terri Luckey

Kayndo transported me into a post-apocalyptic world in which animals can communicate with humans. To avoid the destruction humankind had caused in the past, the future generations of those who survived form a bond with an animal. Together they work to protect the Vita. But each person can only communicate with one animal. That is, everyone except the Kayndo.
The Kayndo is called whenever the Vita is threatened. And, since the Prince who will rule doesn’t seem particularly loyal to the Vita, it may be time for the next Kayndo to rise.
Dayvee is training to be a Calupi. As the pack-leader’s son, there are some who seek to destroy him. Dayvee willingly subjects himself the wrath of Nero to protect those he loves. In his struggles to survive, Dayvee finds he has the ability to speak with more animals than the wolf he’s training for the Prince. It looks like Kun (God) is preparing the next Kayndo.
If you’re seeking a clean, other-worldly adventure with a Native American feel, run with Kayndo.

His servant,

About the Author:
My writing experience includes working for newspapers, radio, and television as a reporter, commercial script writer, in promotions, and editing. I currently reside in Illinois with my husband and our border collie, who loves to play soccer and Frisbee. I've lived in several other states including Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Florida, and Arizona. Wherever I go, I love to take a good book. My favorite stories are those that allow me to escape reality into a beloved world of fantasy. My driving passion is to give my readers that same enjoyment.

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