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My name is Jennifer Rogers. I have a wonderful husband and daughter. I'm a church office administrator, Children's Church teacher, and a writer with a B.S. in Behavioral Science.

I wanted to write all my life. When I was little, before I could read, I would make up stories to go with the pictures in picture books. Unfortunately, after developing the ability to read, I was sorely disappointed in the story, thinking to myself, "That's not what I remember that story to be about." Once I learned to write, I spent my free time writing about secret passageways leading to undiscovered lands full of candy (no doubt inspired by Willy Wonka).

My first novel, Aribolia Book 1: Astray is launching May 29, 2016.  The ebook will be available first. The paperback is anticipated to become available on June 15th. See more detailed information about Astray under "Books".

Thanks for reading!

You are loved,

J F Rogers

Find me on my new author website: jfrogers.com

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